Criteria for Selecting Best Quality Cables In Pakistan

Criteria for Selecting Best Quality Cables In Pakistan

While constructing a house, office, or even moving into a new place, most people focus their attention on the building’s exterior compared to the quality of key electrical components.

Most homeowners or residents often prefer to utilize cheap materials for house wiring and electrical cables as a means for cost-cutting.

Electrification plays an important role in the construction process, and it mustn’t be overlooked or ignored. It is always recommended to utilize top quality brands of electrical wires and cables instead of opting for cheaper options. However, selecting the right type of electrical wires and cables in Pakistan for your construction can still prove to be a challenge these days due to various factors such as budgetary constraints.

If you compromise on the quality of electrical wires and cables in Pakistan, then you may suffer an irreversible loss that can easily impact the safety of the residents of the building.

The use of only pure copper electrical wires and cables in Pakistan is urged by the experts for residential and commercial building projects. Wires produced from 99.99% copper ensures safety and reliability of electrical system and at the same time reduces line losses. It also prevents unnecessary variations in power supply which safeguards the appliances used at home.

For residential house wiring, it is advisable to either buy cables online from credible manufacturers or by visiting nearby authorized dealers. Product certifications and adherence to local and international standards should be a key consideration while selecting the cable brand.  It is equally important to utilize a product that suits your requirements and is also thoroughly tested for quality assurance. Given below are various kinds of tests that are conducted on cables:

  • Purity Test (for copper)
  • Conductivity Test (for copper)
  • Tensile test
  • Conductor DC resistance test
  • Dimension Test for the thickness of insulation and overall diameter

By selecting high-quality electrical wires and cables for your wiring requirement, you ensure the safety of your loved ones. Most importantly, remember it’s a long term investment because high grade electrical wires and cables in Pakistan can save electricity consumption costs as they prevent electrical losses. These types of electrical wires and cables will make your home a safe place to live and prove to be a cost-saving investment in the long term.

To make sure that you minimize the risk of any monetary wastage, we have compiled a list of criteria that should help you in selecting the best quality electrical wires and cables in Pakistan.

1.   Electrical Wires and Cables Size

To make the right wire investment for your home’s wiring, it is necessary to grasp a good understanding of the various sizes of electrical wires and cables in Pakistan.

The size of the wire means the cross section of the metal conductor used, which is ultimately representing the cable’s capacity for conducting current. In simple layman terms, the size of the electrical wire and cable measures its current-carrying capacity.

So when selecting the electrical wires and cables in Pakistan for your home, office, or any establishment, you must keep in mind the capacity of the cable and its potential usage.

For example, top electrical wires and cables companies in Pakistan such as Pakistan Cables offer a wide range of wires sizes and you can select the appropriate size from Pakistan Cables’ product catalogues.

2.   Electrical Wires Labeling

Every wire or cable is marked with important information about the type of wire present under the outer plastic sheath.

This information usually includes the details about the material used as well as the size, type of insulation, and other necessary properties of the cable.

When buying electrical wires and cables in Pakistan for yourself, make sure to check the information printed on the label.

If the cable’s outer sheath doesn’t contain the necessary information, then refrain from investing in that product as it may be a substandard or counterfeit product.

3.   Cable Insulation

The cable insulation must be able to withstand normal and abnormal operating conditions. Applicable phase-to-phase voltage and general insulation levels are the benchmarks for selecting the cable insulation.

All cables manufactured by Pakistan Cables use high grade PVC compound suitable for cable application.


Whether you are constructing your home from scratch or moving into a new home, you must ensure the quality and type of electrical wire and cable used.

It is always advised to use electrical wires and cables that are developed by reputed brands such as Pakistan Cables, and satisfy the general requirements and standards set up by applicable international and local standards.

It is also recommended to hire an expert so that you can make an informed, calculated, safe, and right choice for your electrical wiring requirements.


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