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No feeling is more gratifying than being recognized by valued stakeholders, particularly when customers express confidence in your product and brand. A few weeks earlier, Pakistan Cables won the ‘14thConsumer Choice Award 2019’ for the ‘Consumer Demand’ category, organized by the Consumer Association of Pakistan. On receiving the award, I could not help but think that despite the tremendous pressures we face from cheaper brands (often offering sub optimal quality products in the market), the consumers still know the difference and count on us to deliver the best quality that money can buy. For us, at Pakistan Cables, we are truly humbled and thank each one of you for your patronage over the years.


The brand – Pakistan Cables – is by far the most trusted brand name in the category. Hundreds of people work day and night, across Pakistan, to make sure that we uphold the trust our customers have in us.  This is a trust built over decades of consistency and driven by an ethos within the organization to never compromise on quality.

Recently, I met a CEO of a leading international company in Pakistan. As I began to introduce Pakistan Cables to him, he cut me short and informed me that the company needed no introduction.  He told me that just that morning he was showing his home to a potential buyer and that the only question on building materials asked was whether Pakistan Cables was used when the house was built.  The CEO was pleased to tell the prospective buyer that this was the case and that in 18 years, he had never faced an issue with the wiring.  He went on to inform me that the potential buyer enthusiastically approved of the choice.

If you browse through the Dawn Newspapers Sunday classified section, where new homes are up for sale, amongst the listings of high-end bungalows, you will often find Pakistan Cables being listed amongst the brands and features.  This clearly shows that discerning buyers value quality and are looking for Pakistan Cables as a critical feature in the home.  After all, no one wants to deal with wiring issues once the home has been built and people are living in it.  It only leads one to understand that for consumers, the brand – Pakistan Cables is hallmark of trust and a sign of assurance they seek when making important decisions.

Last week, Pakistan Cables won the FPCCI’s “Merit Award for Exports 2019”. It is a jubilant occasion for all of us, as we won the award for the fifth time consecutively. Last month, the company also won the ‘7thFPCCI Achievement award’ for our contribution towards technological advancement in power transmission systems by introducing a revolutionary technology, ACCC® conductors, for the first time in Pakistan.  The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) organized 7th Achievement Awards Ceremony for the year 2019 in recognition of the praiseworthy contributions in development of different sectors of national economy. Pakistan Cables launched aluminum Composite Core Conductors or ACCC®, in collaboration with CTC Global Inc., US, in 2017. You can read more about the ACCC® in one of my previous blogs.  While we have ACCC® making gradual inroads, there is so much more that needs to be done in collaboration with the policy and decision makers.


The recognitions come at a good time – it reinforces our fundamental belief that our commitment to quality remains the cornerstone of our success. As a business that has fostered unwavering commitment to ethics, integrity, world-class product quality and innovation, we believe if we continue to do justice to our brand and reputation, the sky is the limit.

We are delighted to have been the chosen ones by the consumers and the esteemed FPCCI. We remain the brand that empowers households and industries across sectors for generations to unleash our collective potential.

Thank YOU Pakistan!

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